mecHsys Automation Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore, India
mecHsys Automation Technologies Private Limited
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Trailblazing in Material Handling business since 2008

A Conveyor System Beyond Lines, Curves and Spirals: Generally conveyors in complex layouts are made out of straight lines added by a bend of different configuration to achieve the desired flow path. This adds discontinuity to the flow of material. We have overcome this by inventing a single new modular chain, which can seamlessly move any way in lines, curves and spirals.

Mechsys Automation - Revolutionizing the unit material handling industry.

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  • Zero maintenance
  • No bridging required
  • Minimizing number of drives and controls
  • Flexibility in layout even in tight spaces at low cost
  • Conforming to Food Grade material standards
  • Patent Pending technology
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